Techqala is part start-up accelerator, part business innovation camp and part bonding experience. Based in Cape Town, it brings together local South African start-ups and international corporate innovators for an immersive week of learning and creative business thinking.

How does it work?

The days are structured loosely around and early morning gathering, relaxed workshops to explore and try out concepts around Design Thinking, Lean Start-up and Agile principles, free time to apply the concepts with the start-up businesses before a re-group to explore the learnings and socialise. With Cape Town specific activities thrown in such as a trip up Table Mountain or wine-tasting on a local wine farm, this really is an opportunity to escape the day job and explore some radical thinking.

Why do you do it?

Launched in 2015 and further developed in 2016 and 2018, Techqala was conceived of as a way to combine two of our passions - supporting purpose-led start-ups and driving innovation and change in large, complex organisations.

What’s the plan this year?

As with everything at Unboxed, we take an agile approach - learning by doing, adapting as we go and iterating frequently. This year, we’re condensing the experience into 5 days from the 2nd - 6th December - five intense learning days with a weekend at each end to travel, settle and relax. The theme for 2019 is sustainable health and wellbeing.





Idealist, innovator, autodidact and entrepreneur from Cape Town

"Techqala is an amazing experience. It’s a unique opportunity to hone your innovation skills and exchange ideas with brilliant people from many different backgrounds. Both highly challenging and deeply supportive, it’s a week I won’t miss for anything!”


Clinical Director, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

“Techqala was an extraordinary experience. Spending time with the team completely transformed the way we think about our services at Guy’s and St Thomas’. We are still developing ideas that came out of that week in Cape Town nearly two years later.”


Entrepreneur, investor, speaker on purpose-led business

“Techqala deploys cutting edge start up methodology from Europe to the heart of
South Africa - supporting real entrepreneurs as they start their companies via an exciting, energy-packed programme. It is the most rewarding and enjoyable week of my year.”



Day 1: Understand your purpose and vision

Why are you here and where are you heading?

Day 2: Find your customers and understand their needs
Whose pain are you easing and do they care?

Day 3: Prototype your propositions and test

Do you have a solution people will value?

Day 4: Model your business operating system

How are you going to deliver all this?

Day 5: Establish and grow your tribe

Who do you need to help you and how will you find them?



Cape Town, South Africa


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